Frequently Asked Questions


Listed below are some of the questions we often get asked. Most of your questions will be answered here or within the site.

However, if you need some expert advice it’s important to speak to a medical specialist. We have TENA nurses who are specially trained in issues around bladder weakness so if you have a specific question regarding this matter, we’ll be happy to answer it. And remember, whatever your question, we will always get back to you in confidence.

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How often do children urinate?

How does the bladder work?

My 4 year-old son wets the bed sometimes. What should I do?

Is bed wetting caused by anxiety?

If my child drinks less will things improve?

My child’s symptoms are different to those I have read about. What should I do?

My teenage daughter sometimes leaks when she laughs a lot. Should I be concerned?

Are your products safe to use on my child’s skin?