TENA Recommender

This is an application which will guide you to find the correct size and product from TENA. Use it for yourself or for the person you are taking care of.

Navigate through the app by pressing the buttons on the screen. After you make the selection, simply press the button Find Product and follow the recommendation and proposed choice.

By pressing the button Where to buy and typing in your city or zip code TENA Recommender will also provide you with a list of retailers and pharmacies close to you, which sell our TENA products. You can also follow a direct link to our TENA web shop and get the selected products delivered fast, easy and in a discreet packaging to your door. 

For TENA everything is about offering a better care.  

With over 40 years’ experience, TENA is a global leader in the management of incontinence. We provide products and services for individuals and healthcare services in 100 countries. TENA is at the forefront of developing products that meet the needs of individuals, careers, clinicians and healthcare services around the world. Our mission is clearly defined: to improve the lives of people living or working with bladder weakness or incontinence around the world. For more information, visit www.TENA.com