Can you see the real me?

Sometimes we can all use some advice and encouragement to improve our confidence and make the impression we want to the world. But being so busy with everyday things means we can easily get trapped in our own little comfort zone. Have you ever thought, ‘It’s time to be the real me’, to freshen up and move on?

Well now is your chance. TENA knows about all the little obstacles that can get in the way of being who you want to be. That’s why we’ve teamed up with experts in motivation, life coaching and relationships to create an exclusive programme called ‘Can you see the real me?’.

It’s an easy to follow, fun way of helping you understand how others see you. ‘Can you see the real me?’ will help you discover the ‘real you’, and provide you with a whole host of ideas on ways to make small changes that can add up to a big difference in your confidence.

Why not try it today… you might be pleasantly surprised about who you really are!       


The main attraction!

Read our fascinating fact sheet `The main attraction!´ and find out why people find us attractive!

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It’s all in the nose

Find out why our sense of smell is such an important part of our everyday lives in `It’s all in the nose.´

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Creating confidence workbook

Now you know who you want to be - complete our ‘Creating confidence’ workbook and start to make the impression you want.

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Can you see the real me? questionnaire

Complete the ‘Can you see the real me?’ questionnaire – and discover who you are!

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