Frequently Asked Questions

Need some expert advice? Sometimes it’s important to speak to a medical specialist.

We have TENA nurses who are specially trained in issues around bladder weakness so if you have a specific question regarding this matter, we’ll be happy to answer it. And remember, whatever your question, we will always get back to you in confidence.

How does the bladder work?

How often do most people empty their bladder?

I'm relatively young and have a weak bladder. Isn't this something that only affects old people?

What can be done about bladder weakness?

Do muscle-training exercises really help?

How long will it take for exercises to start showing results?

If I drink less fluid will things improve?

I’m worried that I’ll leak during sex. What can I do to avoid this happening?

What TENA product should I use?

Can I use sanitary pads for bladder weakness?

My symptoms are different to those I have read about. What should I do?

How do I dispose of my TENA Lady pads?

Are your products safe to use on my skin?