TENA Abroad

This list shows where in the world TENA products can be found.

CountryEmailPhoneWhere to find TENAAdditional information
Aruba adrianaar@familia.com.co +57 (4) 360 9500 ext 1174 Products Available: TENA BASIC & TENA WET WIPES.
Australia Supermarkets: Coles, Woolworths/Safeway and other independent supermarkets.
Healthcare distributors & Pharmacies.
Austria info.tena@sca.com In Pharmacies, Medical Stores, Supermarkets and Drugstores.
Bahrain Rania El Toukhi Retail: Ruyan Department Stores.

Pharmacies: Jaffar Pharmacy, National Pharmacy,Majeed Jaffar Pharmacy, Ruyan Pharmacy, Leena Pharmacy

Hospital Pharmacies: American Mission Hospital, Bahrain Specialist Hospital, International Hospital of Bahrain,Joslin Diabetes Center, Al Hilal Hospital, Shefa Al Jazeera Polyclinic, Al Amal Hospital, Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS).
TENA product range available in Bahrain: TENA Slip Plus 40, TENA Slip Plus 30, TENA comfort, TENA for Men, TENA Lady super, TENA Lady Extra,
Belgium Monique.jacobs.ext@sca.com In Pharmacies, Medical Stores & Bandagists
Retail (Supermarkets) : Carrefour, Super GB, Delhaize, Colruyt, Intermarché, Mestdagh/Champion, Makro & Match.
Bosnia Herzegovina bauerfeind@bosnia.ba

State and private pharmacy outlets, Hypermarket chains Mercator, Interex, Bingo, Delta.

Product Line available: TENA flex, TENA Slip & TENA Pants.
Brazil Products Available: TENA Lady, TENA For Men & TENA Pants.
Bulgaria office@ontime-bg.com 00359 2 973 21 52

Hypermarkets: METRO, Kaufland, Carrefour, HIT
Pharmacy Chains: Аптеки Ремедиум (Remedium), Аптеки Марешки (Mareshki), Дрогерии Lilly (Lilly)

Tena Lady Normal, Extra, Extra Plus, Maxi;           
Tena Slip Plus (M and L size) 10pcs. or 30 pcs.;          
Tena Pants Plus (M and L size) 14 pcs;
Tena Bed 60*60 cm, 30 pcs.

Canada Loblaws Stores, Jean Coutu, Shoppers Drug Mart, Lawtons Drugs and other major pharmacies and super markets.
Colombia luzar@familia.com.co/ lilianacp@familia.com.co (57 4) 3609500 Supermarkets and Hypermarkets as Exito, Carrefour, Carulla, Olimpica, Cafam, Colsubsidio, Vivero.
Also we have TENA in most of the drugstores/ droguerías in the country.
The Colombian assortment is:
TENA Mujer* Ultramini, TENA Mujer* Mini, TENA Mujer* Medium (Normal), TENA Mujer* Super, TENA For Men L1.

TENA Slip M & L (Absorption Maxi), TENA Pants M & L (Absorption Plus), TENA Basic M & G** (G=Large), TENA Normal & TENA Super (TENA Comfort) & TENA Wet Wipes.

*- Mujer = Lady
**- G = Grande
Costa Rica silvia.gonzalez@sca.com 800 737 8424 PriceSmart, Hiper Mas, Mas x Menos, Palí,
Maxi Bodega, Automercado, Perimercado, Mega Super, Farmacia Fischel & Cecoo.
Croatia info@tena.hr +385 (0)1 561 44 78

Pharmacies and medical shops

Cuba adrianaar@familia.com.co +57 (4) 360 9500 ext 1174 Products available: TENA SUPER (two pieces)
Curacao adrianaar@familia.com.co +57 (4) 360 9500 ext 1174 Products available: TENA BASIC, TENA SLIP, TENA WET WIPES.
Cyprus Retail: Carrefour, AB, Sklavenitis, Veropoulos etc.

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